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Bryan Cranston now pushing iPads to Apple addicts

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ipad air commercial
ipad air commercial

The newest member of Apple's iPad family, the thinner and faster Air, was welcomed by the company with a new commercial shown off during Tuesday's event. The star of that one-minute spot is actually a humble pencil, with the iPad Air only making a dramatic appearance right at the end. The point, as Apple puts it, is that an "extremely simple tool" can also be "extremely powerful."

What you might not have immediately noticed is the identity of the person speaking those words — it's none other than Bryan Cranston, the actor who played the iconic Walter White in the recently concluded Breaking Bad. His soft and reassuring voiceover sounds a million miles away from the steely resolve of Mr. White — though its talk of classrooms and science labs can quickly turn sinister if interpreted to be spoken by the meth kingpin that Cranston so ably personified.