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Sense 5.5 update for the HTC One lets you finally kill BlinkFeed

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htc one update
htc one update

HTC Ones are beginning to receive an update to Sense 5.5 today, as HTC rolls out the latest version of its Android skin. The new version of Sense comes with two big changes: it's built on top of Android 4.3 instead of 4.2, and it allows users to disable BlinkFeed, the built-in Flipboard-style news reader that takes up an entire home screen. Though HTC has been billing BlinkFeed as a headline feature of Sense, it says that 30 percent of its customers haven't been using it — despite the fact that they previously couldn't disable it. So while there may be few other big changes to Sense 5.5, the ability for One users to reclaim an occupied home screen should be much appreciated.

Update: As a small bonus, the update to Sense 5.5 also includes 25GB of storage space on Google Drive for two years. The cloud storage can be redeemed just by opening up the Google Drive app anytime before the end of 2015.