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Greenwald: NSA spied on the Italian government and military

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Journalist Glenn Greenwald says NSA spying extends to internal communications of the Italian government, according to a report published in Italian newsweekly L'Espresso. "The NSA has many spying operations," Greenwald told the magazine, "also on European governments and including the Italian government." The interview did not contain any hard evidence of the programs, but Greenwald said documents concerning the NSA's actions in Italy would be released in the coming weeks.

According to Greenwald, much of the spying was done on behalf of Britain, which sought intelligence that might help protect the nation's economic interest, as well as details of Italian military technology that might cast light on Italian trade deals with Arab countries. The revelation arrives on the heels of similar news in Germany, which resulted in stern warnings from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The news also comes as European Union leaders gather today for an official meeting, where the issue is likely to dominate.