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Vine finally introduces editing tools and multiple drafts with latest update

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Piecing together the perfect Vine is getting a bit easier today on iOS and Android. The Twitter-owned app is today receiving a new update that adds a draft-like "Sessions" feature, which means you'll no longer need to finish your six-second masterwork immediately after recording your first clip. Vine has never required users to finish a clip all at once, but until today there wasn't any way to access your feed or the app's other sections after starting a new video. Today's update allows you to check out the work of others mid-Vine for some inspiration. Users can work on up to 10 Vine sessions at any one time.

And even better, it's finally now possible to remove and fix any mistakes you've made in a recording. Vine's new "Time Travel" functionality lets you remove, reorganize, and even replace any shot within your clip. At first glance, there's still no way to import existing video from your camera roll, however — that's still only possible with Instagram. The company has been on a mission to make the recording process a bit easier; previous updates have included a ghost feature that lets you maintain an identical composition from frame to frame.