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The Vergecast 099: iPad Air, Nokia's Lumia 1520, and BBM

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Sometimes you feel lighter than Air, even if that means dropping just four ounces off your profile. Other times, it feels like you've been granted clarity of vision, like brand new Retinas. These feelings often dwell just below the Surface, and before you realize it, they're last year's news. But hey, you can always return to the Crystalwell if you need a moderate spec bump.

The Vergecast is a discussion of all things relevant and irreverent in the worlds of art, culture, science, and technology. Broadcasts begin at 4:00PM ET (and your timezone of choice) every Thursday. Missed last week's episode? We talked about Facebook teens, Windows 8.1, and enjoyed a cameo with a Galaxy Gear and its actual owner, Stephen Greenwood.