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Listen to Arcade Fire's new album 'Reflektor' on YouTube right now

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Arcade Fire (HarshLight - FLICKR)
Arcade Fire (HarshLight - FLICKR)

Arcade Fire debuted the first single off its new album Reflektor with an innovative short film that users could interact with using their smartphones. Now it's time to listen to the full album, and the band has released it streaming on YouTube. Given the source, you might be wondering if the band shot an album-length movie to go along with it. The answer is... not exactly. Instead, the video uses footage from the 1959 film Black Orpheus, overlaid with text that matches up to the songs themselves. The album itself is scheduled to arrive on October 28th.

Update: Apparently the video plays without audio on mobile devices, which sort of defeats the purpose. We've seen the behavior on both iOS and Android and whether it's a bug or a licensing restriction, you'll need a desktop to hear the album.