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Rebooted 'Hellraiser' confirmed by writer Clive Barker

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Horror icon Clive Barker is writing the script for a new Hellraiser movie. The English author and director took to Facebook to confirm that his pitch for a reboot of 1987's original Hellraiser was successful and that the resulting film would be "darker and richer" than the first.

The only confirmed role is Cenobite antagonist Pinhead, who'll be played — once again — by the character's longtime actor, Doug Bradley. Barker has yet to specify exactly how the movie will be different, but said that it won't be "awash with CGI," and that he remained "as passionate about the power of practical makeup effects" as he was in 1987.

The 'Hellraiser' reboot will be "darker and richer"

This new effort will be the tenth Hellraiser movie. Barker stepped away from writing and directing duties after the first, acting as an executive producer in the second and third films. Other writers and directors have attempted to put together a remake. Projects announced in 2006 and 2010 without Barker's direct involvement both stalled, but the writer's early input suggests this reboot will make it through to a — still to be announced — release date.