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Xbox One launch ad nails Microsoft's next-gen vision

Xbox One launch ad nails Microsoft's next-gen vision


All it took was zombies, Spock, supercars, and sports stars

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Microsoft is kicking off its Xbox One advertising in a big way today. The software giant may have struggled with messaging and confusing policy reversals at its unveiling earlier this year, but it’s wasting no time trying to correct the vision for its next-generation console. In a new advertisement, Microsoft has recruited Spock, supercars, and even zombies to push its Xbox One vision.

Microsoft lays down its vision for Xbox One

The 90-second spot debuts online today and similar TV campaigns will kick off in the US on Sunday ahead of the Xbox One release on November 22nd. Although Microsoft took the opportunity to launch its first Xbox One commercial to NFL fans last month, this latest ad is focused on the combined gaming and entertainment features of the console. With giant mecha robots blasting through office windows, English footballer Steven Gerrard, and a Roman army parading through streets, it’s certainly an entertaining look at Microsoft’s array of games and entertainment for the Xbox One.

Microsoft calls it an invitation for an all-in-one console, one that will battle against Sony’s appeal to gamers. Although Microsoft has used the "jump in" tagline for Xbox 360 ads, the Xbox One is focused on "jump ahead." It's still going to be a battle for both Sony and Microsoft to convince gamers to jump to either next-generation console initially. Either way, with around a month to go and millions of dollars at stake, the console wars are truly about to begin.