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Moto X drops to $99.99 at Moto Maker, Sprint, and US Cellular

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Moto X cropped (1024px)
Moto X cropped (1024px)

Creating a customized Moto X on AT&T just got much cheaper. Motorola's flagship phone has dropped to just $99.99 on contract for orders placed using its Moto Maker tool. Sprint and US Cellular have also halved the handset's cost. US Cellular is even tossing in a $75 gift card for customers that port an existing number to the carrier, making the final price $24.99. Unfortunately, the non-custom black and white 16GB models still cost $199 on-contract when purchased directly from AT&T. Likewise, Verizon Wireless hasn't yet budged on its $199 asking price.

The larger 32GB variant has also seen a price cut at Moto Maker; it's now $149.99, down from $199. One of the immediate strikes against Motorola's flagship Moto X smartphone was price; some consumers have likely struggled with the idea of paying $199 for the device when lining it up against the HTC One, Galaxy S4, and more recently the iPhone 5S. But at $99, the Moto X instantly becomes an easy recommendation. It's easy to argue that this is the price Motorola should have pitched from the start, but if you've been waiting for a cheaper Moto X (and are willing to sign a contract), it's now here.