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Leaked Moga Ace Power game controller tops off your iPhone's battery

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moga ace power 640 leak 3
moga ace power 640 leak 3

It looks like it won't be long before you'll be able to buy a standardized iOS game controller for your iPhone or iPod touch. Logitech's alleged upcoming controller leaked out just last month, and today, @evleaks revealed that Moga is working on a gamepad as well — one that can charge your iPhone while you play. It's called the Moga Ace Power, and it includes an 1800mAh battery pack alongside a fairly complete set of Xbox 360-style controls. Unlike the company's previous controllers, though, there's no arm that flips out to hold your phone: you simply pull the two halves of the controller apart wide enough to fit your device, stretching them apart like extremely springy pizza dough.

With a little more digging, we managed to find a cached Moga website and even a YouTube video that seem to confirm the controller's existence, and establish which devices will work: according to the site, it's designed for Apple's widescreen iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, and fifth-generation iPod touch. While we don't have a price or release date quite yet, we wouldn't expect the peripheral to be cheap. Moga's Hero Power controller for Android, which also includes an 1800mAh battery pack, will retail for $59.99, and that's without figuring any any premium the company might have to pay for Made for iPhone licensing fees.