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Jony Ive is auctioning a bright red Mac Pro for charity

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Apple's new Mac Pro may not be released just yet, but Jony Ive and fellow designer Marc Newson have already created an alternate model of the upcoming machine as the latest entry in their high-end charity auction for Red at Sotheby's. The one-of-a-kind Mac Pro appears to be structurally identical to its standard black, aluminum shape, but as with many products sold for the Red charity, it's been coated in a bright, candy-apple color that makes it look all the more appealing. Unfortunately for professionals looking for the perfect machine, the actual specs of the Pro up for auction haven't been mentioned. It's expected to go for anywhere between $40,000 and $60,000 though, so one would hope that it's as high-end as it can possibly get.

The pair of designers have put together quite a few other products for the auction too, including a customized Leica camera, an aluminum desk, and a golden version of Apple's EarPods. But while images of most of the custom products weren't available when the auction was first announced, you'll now be able to check out all of the items that they've redesigned, from a Dom Pérignon cooler to a Range Rover. One of the more interesting items with Ive and Newson's names on it is a space shuttle window resting on a custom stand made by the designers. Their full auction can be viewed here, though the designers aren't specifically credited with putting their touch on every item's customization.