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Watch this: 189 spinning discs used to create the animation for Japanese music video

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life is music discs
life is music discs

The Japanese band Sour just released a music video, "Life is Music," animated entirely using compact discs. The band initially estimated it would take 300 discs to complete the video, but ended up using 189. The discs, imprinted with shapes and figures, were rotated to sync with the song's 105 beats per minute in order to create a phenakistoscopic effect that makes the images appear to move. It's a simple animation technique that dates back to 1832, but Sour uses it skillfully. The video animates the band members, spells out "Life is Music" on a wall of discs, and shifts patterns across adjacent CDs. The band, which raised money on Kickstarter and the Japanese crowdfunding site GreenFunding, has also released a "making of" video.