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Google's white Nexus 5 appears in leaked images

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nexus 5 white evleaks
nexus 5 white evleaks

Details of Google's upcoming flagship smartphone, the Nexus 5, continue to leak out ahead of its seemingly impending announcement, and a new leak today reveals the device in a white color scheme. The prolific leaker Evleaks published the photo, which — aside from showing the device with a white back — appears to be almost identical to images of the device that were briefly published by Google earlier this month. While Google only released a white Nexus 4 seven months after the release of the original black model, Evleaks seems to be suggesting that they could arrive simultaneously this year.

Alongside the photo, Evleaks is teasing a date of November 1st for the device, though it's unclear if he's suggesting that this will be its unveiling or availability date. Though it's always worth taking leaked dates with a large grain of salt, this week will mark exactly one year since the announcement of the Nexus 4. With so much detail leaking out lately, it wouldn't be too surprisingly to see Google's new device officially unveiled sometime soon.