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Apple presents video of new headquarters ahead of Cupertino city council vote

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Showing all the polish of an Apple television spot, the company played a new video detailing its so-called Campus 2 — better known as "the spaceship" thanks to its enormous circular footprint — for members of Cupertino's city council last week. The presentation comes ahead of a planned November 15th vote, which would be a final approval before groundbreaking can begin. Architect Norman Foster makes an appearance in the clip, who notes that Steve Jobs told him "don't think of me as your client, think of me as one of your team" when the two first started working on Campus 2's design in 2009 (Jobs famously made an appearance before the council in 2011 to lobby for the facility's approval shortly before his death).

The video is clearly geared toward buttering up Cupertino residents and council members, detailing how the campus will restore native vegetation, use 100 percent renewable energy, and host one of the largest solar arrays for a corporate campus in the world. The city council is widely expected to approve construction with little to no opposition, which Foster says is anticipated to start this year.