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Users report iOS 7 calendar app is incorrect for daylight savings time

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WWDC Stock images
WWDC Stock images

Apple's trouble with daylight savings time appears to be popping up again. According to AppleInsider, a number of iOS 7 users whose clocks turned back an hour overnight are seeing the time displayed incorrectly inside of the iPhone's built-in calendar app. While looking at the calendar's day view, the bar representing what time it is will appear in the appropriate position, but it'll reportedly display a time that's one hour behind. The issue apparently hasn't come up elsewhere in the system, and it isn't stopping alarms or calendar events from sounding at their scheduled times.

Though this bug isn't the most consequential issue that Apple has had with clock changes, the company has had a bad history with them. In 2010, an iOS 4 bug caused most alarms to go off an hour late following daylight savings, and on New Year's Day of 2011, many found that their non-recurring alarms had been switched off overnight. Those bugs were fixed before the following year, but while it seems that Apple has avoided the most serious issues for 2013, it appears that iOS is continuing its unfortunate trouble with falling back an hour.