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Even Samsung is confused by its curved phone

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Samsung celebrates convexity in ad for the concave Galaxy Round

samsung avocado
samsung avocado

Turning a deaf ear to LG's claims about the G Flex being the first "real" curved phone, Samsung has produced a new TV spot in Korea promoting its "real round" Galaxy Round handset. Essentially a Galaxy Note 3 with a curve along its vertical axis, the Round is compared to a selection of curvaceous items from everyday life: an egg, a lemon, a glass, a microphone, a baby's hand. The association with natural interaction is clear to see, although only the metal flask at the end of the ad is actually concave like the Galaxy Round itself — everything else is bulbous in shape or flat, as in the case of the postcard. As to the sliced avocado being gently swiped midway through the video, we doubt even Samsung would be able to explain the intended symbolism behind it.