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Wes Anderson's pristine style perfectly parodied in 'SNL' Halloween skit

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snl wa parody
snl wa parody

Wes Anderson has more than a few recurring aspects to his films, from their actors, to their often-romanticized youthful gestures, to their pristine, symmetric shots, and every single one of them found their way into a Saturday Night Live parody over the weekend. In a short, SNL creates a trailer for a fake horror film shot by Anderson, even roping Edward Norton — who has appeared in two of Anderson's films — into playing the lead role.

The sketch is a near-perfect recreation and skewering of Anderson's style that, were Owen Wilson actually its star, you could be forgiven for mistaking parts of it for a real trailer. With Halloween on the way and the first trailer for Anderson's actual next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, premiering just two weeks ago, SNL's timing couldn't be more perfect either.