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Tim Cook sees 'significant opportunities' in new product categories 'across 2014'

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Tim Cook Apple stock
Tim Cook Apple stock

Apple CEO Tim Cook has just kicked off the company's fiscal Q4 2013 earnings call (follow along with our liveblog here), and during his introductory remarks he yet again said the company was interested in launching a new product category — but this time, he put a timeline on it. He said the company sees "significant opportunities ahead of us in both current product categories and new ones," and said on Apple's Q&A call that these new products will be rolling out "across 2014." Of course, Cook didn't say what those products would be. Top suspects include a smartwatch to compete with Samsung's Galaxy Gear, the Pebble, and other options — as well as the long-rumored Apple TV set.

During the Q&A, Cook reiterated that you'd see new things from Apple "this fall and across 2014." He noted that "you've seen things in the past few months," referring to the new iPad and iPhone announcements. Cook wasn't specific about product categories during the Q&A, but he said that "if you look at Apple's skills in hardware, software, and services, these skills are very unique and no one else has them."  He again confirmed that Apple will be building "great new products in areas where we do not participate today." You can listen to his full remarks about Apple's move into new product categories below.