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Google smartwatch with Google Now coming sooner than expected, 'ready within months'

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WIMM One designs
WIMM One designs

A Google-produced smartwatch is close to entering production, says a report from the Wall Street Journal. The Google watch, which has been rumored multiple times, will run Android with a heavy focus on the company's Google Now personal assistant. Google Now provides useful at-a-glance information such as travel alerts, weather reports, and news based on your email, browsing history, and location. According to WSJ's anonymous source, the watch could be "ready within months."

The watch could be "ready within months"

The paper's source also says that the watch will "be able to communicate with other devices such as a smartphone," likely implying that it will tether for data needs. The company has reportedly been hard at work on reducing power consumption, a big issue with the most recent Android-based smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The Gear was maligned at launch for poor battery life, less-than-stellar performance, limited functionality, and a lack of compatibility with non-Samsung devices.

While it's likely Google's effort will be compatible with a wider range of devices, it's not clear if Google will fix the Gear's other shortcomings. Google acquired smartwatch maker WIMM Labs just two months ago in a deal that is likely related to today's news. Will a Google Now-focused watch overcome the issues that present smartwatches have? We could be just months away from finding out.