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BlackBerry and Facebook met to discuss potential buyout, reports WSJ

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Gallery Photo: Facebook for BlackBerry 10 photos
Gallery Photo: Facebook for BlackBerry 10 photos

Facebook may be interested in buying BlackBerry. The Wall Street Journal reports that BlackBerry sent representatives out to California for a meeting with unnamed Facebook executives just last week to discuss a potential bid for the struggling phone maker. It's not clear how serious Facebook is about acquiring BlackBerry — or if Mark Zuckerberg's company is actually contemplating entering a bid to begin with. Zuckerberg has expressed a strong interest in getting Facebook on "as many phones as possible." But Facebook (along with HTC) suffered an embarrassing setback earlier this year when the HTC First, a showcase for Facebook's custom Android software, failed to resonate with consumers.

BlackBerry has indicated it hopes to have a sale in place by November, with suitors rumored to include Samsung, Google, and others. Co-founder Mike Lazaridis and even former Apple CEO John Sculley are also said to be considering bids for the troubled company.