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Moto X's affordable successor might be called the Moto G

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Motorola has been clear that Moto X was just the start. The company's building a whole new brand around that colorful, customizable smartphone. Now, it appears the company has inadvertently leaked the name of the next model in the lineup: the Moto G. Droid Life and Engadget both spotted a new version of Motorola's website today with the name "Moto G" placed in an exceedingly prominent spot: the very first tab on Motorola's homepage, right next to the Moto X itself. That tab linked to "," a website that doesn't work. Unfortunately, Motorola didn't go so far as to leak any pictures or details, and has already removed the tab from the website as well.

However, we can definitely guess what the Moto G might be. Ahead of the Moto X launch, rumors swirled about Motorola producing a low-cost smartphone, and in the intervening months we've heard that device might materialize as the Motorola DVX. But in early October, Motorola registered the trademark for "Moto G" and someone purchased the registration for "" around the same time. It seems likely that DVX was a codename for what will become the Moto G at launch. It's not the only Motorola smartphone getting cheaper, though: the Moto X itself just fell to $100 on contract.