Autumn is a great time to cozy up at home and get to all the reading you missed out on during the summer. The barbecues are over, the holidays aren't here yet, and your friends will probably believe you if you say you're "busy" this weekend. Sure, there's plenty of television to watch, too, but you can always DVR it, right?

Fall is also traditionally the time when tons and tons of new books are published. This fall is extremely packed with books that readers of The Verge are likely to be enthralled by. There are new books from megastars like Margaret Atwood, Thomas Pynchon, and Stephen King, as well as ones from Donna Tartt, Dave Eggers, and Jonathan Lethem.

Here are the books we're reading this fall, and why. Don't forget to join The Verge's Book Club, and to vote for the book we'll be reading this month.