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Sunrise calendar for iPhone debuts iOS 7 redesign, iCloud support

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sunrise ios 7 2
sunrise ios 7 2

Sunrise today announced version 2.0 of its popular calendar app, which includes a gorgeous facelift for iOS 7, as well as one of its users' most requested features: iCloud calendar support. While most apps like Fantastical reference the built-in iOS calendar (and any calendars you've added), Sunrise has always been firmly stationed in the cloud, which means its developers had to find another solution.

"We connect directly to Apple's servers, like the iOS Calendar app would connect to iCloud," says Sunrise founder Pierre Valade. It wasn't as easy as adding Google Calendar, he says, but when you're aiming to be a "one size fits all" calendar app, iCloud support is integral. Next up is Microsoft Exchange — the final piece of the puzzle, says Valade.

Part of the benefit of using Sunrise, after all, is that it doesn't rely on often messy client-side "syncing" to move around your events like the iOS Calendar does. It instead reads your events from a server, and can thus be more dynamic and easily adaptable to different platforms like Android and the web, and perhaps someday, Valade says, the front of your refrigerator.