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Netflix updates iOS app for HD streaming and AirPlay

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Netflix AirPlay
Netflix AirPlay

Netflix has updated its iOS app to support HD streaming and AirPlay. After noting that HD streaming was coming well over a year ago, today's update apparently brings high-quality video to iOS devices for the first time. We've been unable to get the feature working in either the UK or the US. We had similar issues with AirPlay. The update claims to enable AirPlay streaming for iOS 7, so long as you disable AirPlay mirroring. We've been unable to stream anything but audio to an Apple TV, however, and also don't see the dedicated AirPlay button within the new app as depicted in Netflix's promotional imagery.

It's not clear why the new functions aren't working right now, but it could be a case of Apple offering up the app update before Netflix's web-based interface is ready. We've reached out to Netflix for clarification on the new features, and will update this article when we hear back.

Update: Netflix says all subscribers will see HD and AirPlay in the new apps by mid-October.