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LG could follow Samsung with curved-screen 'G Flex' phone next month

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LG CES 2013 stock 1020
LG CES 2013 stock 1020

LG is planning to introduce a curved-screen smartphone called the G Flex this November. CNET reports that the Korean manufacturer will match Samsung's plan to sell a highly-curved handset, with the G Flex apparently set to feature a six-inch concave display. Although the phone could be one of the first to feature a long-awaited flexible OLED display, it won't be flexible itself. Instead, the OLED tech will enable a more dramatic curve than previously possible with conventional methods. Samsung has already created OLED-based devices with a slight curve, namely the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus Google phones, but in those phones it was merely the front glass that was curved.

The news comes just a week after Samsung announced it was ready to "introduce a curved display smartphone in October." Both companies are heavily invested in OLED technologies, and have a history of one-upping and aping each other's products. The pair are already producing curved OLED televisions, so the idea of introducing such displays into smartphones isn't a huge leap. CNET has a highly-pixelated sketch of what LG's new handset might look like on its site, but doesn't offer up any details as to the specs or price of the rumored smartphone.