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'Metástasis' is a 97 percent pure 'Breaking Bad' remake

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We might've all waved goodbye to Walter White, but we can still say buenos dias to Walter Blanco. There's a Spanish language version of Breaking Bad in production, Sony Pictures Television says, and it's called Metástasis.

Metástasis is set in Colombia, and looks to ape Breaking Bad's plotline. Walter Blanco is a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who starts cooking methamphetamine to pay for his family's well-being with small-time dealer Jose Miguel Rosas. Even the nomenclature is similar: Rosas is Metástasis' Pinkman, Hank is now Henry, and Blanco's wife is Cielo, a direct reference to the "Sky" in Skyler. First shots from Metástasis show Blanco in the same pose and state of undress as White way back in the pilot episode of Breaking Bad's season one: pantless in open scrubland, gun in one hand.

Rosas is Metástasis' Pinkman, Hank is now Henry, and Blanco's wife is Cielo

But expect some changes, as Sony Pictures Television's Angelica Guerra confirms. There's no motor home meth lab, for one. It'll be replaced by an old school bus, to reflect the comparative unpopularity of recreational vehicles in South America. And although Guerra says Breaking Bad had a "universality" to its tale of chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-lord, the Hollywood Reporter interprets her comments to suggest Metástasis will be "more mainstream," to fit a Spanish-speaking audience used to dramas such as El Cartel and La Saga. This English-language trailer shows some of the changes in visual tone.

Metástasis is the second confirmed child of Breaking Bad. The other — prequel Better Call Saulhas been picked up by AMC. Both are yet to earn an air date.