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Fabian Oefner turns simple science into stunning art photography

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Fabian Oefner the invisible dimension (via
Fabian Oefner the invisible dimension (via

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner is known for using art to breathtakingly illustrate simple science at work. His latest series of images, called The Invisible Dimension, captures crystals of color rising in reaction to a speaker's soundwaves, magnetic liquid pushing paint into canals, and a flame of burning whiskey traveling through a glass bottle. In a recent TED talk, the artist explains the motivation behind his creations: "I'm trying to use these phenomena, and show them in a poetic and unseen way, and therefore invite the viewer to pause for a moment and think about all the beauty that is constantly surrounding us." You can see Oefner's artistic process demonstrated in his TED talk below, and check out his website to see The Invisible Dimension photos in high resolution.