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Adobe suffers major cyber attack, says data on 2.9 million customers was compromised

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creative cloud

Adobe has made the cloud an essential part of its business strategy, but today it's been dealt a major blow thanks to cyber attackers. The company has revealed that an intrusion led to an untold number of Adobe IDs and passwords falling into the hands of hackers. But it gets far worse. Adobe says "certain information" on 2.9 million customers may have also been compromised. Among that data set are customer names, encrypted credit / debit card numbers, and expiration dates. Source code for "numerous Adobe products" was stolen in another recent attack, and Adobe says the two are likely connected.

Arkin says that Adobe doesn't believe attackers made off with any decrypted financial information. Nonetheless, the company will be notifying the many customers whose credit or debit card information was involved. Those users will be eligible to receive one year of complimentary credit monitoring "where available." Banks have also been notified to be on alert, and Adobe says it's actively assisting federal law enforcement in their investigation. Lastly, the company is in the process of resetting passwords for all impacted customers.