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Best Buy puts iPhone 5C on sale for $50 just two weeks after launch

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iPhone 5C 1024px
iPhone 5C 1024px

Sometimes it pays to wait. A mere two weeks after the iPhone 5C launched nationwide, Best Buy is offering the device for only $50 today through Sunday. It's not exactly a straightforward price cut, as the company is throwing in a $50 gift card to trim down the iPhone 5C's regular $99 cost. But the end result is the same: you'll walk out with Apple's colored plastic iPhone for half off.

Other than Sprint's free promotion, this ranks among the better deals we've seen on the 5C, besting offers from Target and Walmart. If you've decided you don't need all the "forward thinking" features of Apple's flagship iPhone 5S, it's probably worth making a trip to Best Buy at some point this weekend. In fact you'll have to, since the iPhone 5C offer only applies to in-store pickup orders. And if iOS isn't your preferred mobile experience, the $50 gift card also comes with the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note II, and Galaxy S III on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.