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Apple job listing reveals work on public transit directions for Maps

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New York City Subway Bryant Park (STOCK)
New York City Subway Bryant Park (STOCK)

An Apple job listing reveals that public transit directions are in the works for a future version of Apple Maps. The job listing, first spotted by MacRumors, specifically notes that it's looking for an engineer to work on public transit routing for Apple Maps. "As a member of the Transit Routing team, you will work on one of the most anticipated features of Apple Maps," the job description reads. It's not exaggerating the feature's demand: when Apple Maps was first introduced, one of its most obvious shortcomings was that it didn't include directions for buses, trains, subways, and other forms of public transit.

It should be no surprise though that Apple is working on public transit directions. Over the summer, Apple purchased two popular public transit apps, HopStop and Embark, both of which it'll likely use to help build out Apple Maps' own service. Aside from bringing Apple Maps to the desktop, little has been said about how the company is working to improve its much-maligned platform since its introduction two years ago — but whenever Apple does launch public transit directions, it should be a big help in getting users to give the service another look.