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Pandora brings its personalized streaming radio to Chromecast

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pandora chromecast
pandora chromecast

Pandora is now available on Google's Chromecast dongle, giving one of the biggest names in streaming media another point of access to the living room. An update to Pandora's Android and iOS mobile apps will now include a "Cast" button, which will allow for one-touch streaming to the TV, the company said. "By integrating Google Cast technology into our mobile apps, users now have another easy access point to a better listening experience from the biggest screen in their living room," said Tom Conrad, Pandora's chief technical officer, in a statement.

Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube already were available on Chromecast. With Pandora, the dongle adds one of the biggest missing names to its lineup of service providers. Pandora users can stream to Chromecast from Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones, but not yet iPads. The company says iPad support is coming soon.