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Google Glass accessory store appears

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Google Glass (STOCK)
Google Glass (STOCK)

Google is ramping up production of its Glass headset, and it appears the company is preparing to sell accessories for the wearable computer too. Some Glass Explorers have noticed a new Glass accessory store which will sell additional chargers, microfiber pouches, clear protective shields, the new mono earbud that will soon come with updated Glass headsets, and presumably other accessories as they become available.


They won't come cheap, though, if screenshots of the early website are accurate. Google has priced the new mono earbud, the micro-fiber pouch and the cable / charger combo at $50 each, with the clear shield priced at $75. New references to the Glass accessory store on Google's Glass help website also mention a sunglasses accessory by Maui Jim and Zeal Optics, which doesn't yet appear to be available to purchase separately.

The accessory store isn't accessible unless you already own Glass, but another alleged Google Glass installation is plainly visible in San Francisco Bay: a huge floating barge which will reportedly be a giant store for the company's headgear.