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Classic film posters reimagined for 'Little Print Shop of Horrors'

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Never Sleep again 1020
Never Sleep again 1020

For the past three years, British creative agency Creativespark has put a small collection of limited-edition posters on sale for Halloween. The posters celebrate classic horror movies using typography and bold design, and the collection on sale right now features some stunning prints. This year's selection evokes memorable moments and imagery from The Shining , Psycho, Candyman, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and others.

The 2013 collection is priced at £12 (roughly $19) per 16.5-inch by 11.7-inch poster, and is shipping internationally. All proceeds from the sale will be going towards Forever Manchester, a local non-profit that focuses on bringing positive change to Manchester neighborhoods. There are also a select few prints from the 2011 and 2012 collections on sale, priced between £17 and £25 ($27 and $40).

Update: This article originally stated that Creativespark doesn't ship outside of the UK. However, the company has decided since publication to open up shipping to customers internationally! The article has been altered to reflect that change.

Creativespark's Little Print Shop of Horrors


'The Shining' — 'Maze'
A visit to the hedge maze is a must for anyone staying at the Overlook Hotel.

Via This isn't Happiness. All images Copyright Creativespark.