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Time Inc. bringing Fortune, Time, People, and InStyle magazines to Flipboard

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Flipboard 2.0 (1024px)
Flipboard 2.0 (1024px)

Time Inc. and Flipboard have reached a deal to bring content from People, InStyle, Fortune, and Time to the magazine-style app. People and InStyle will debut on Flipboard this week, with Fortune and Time following sometime in December. "Their audience has grown exponentially, so they actually have scale," said Fran Hauser, who leads digital initiatives for Time Inc.'s style and entertainment group.

He's referring to the 90 million people that are now reportedly using the app — which is available for iOS, Android, and soon Windows Phone. (Flipboard magazines can also be viewed with traditional web browsers.) "It's really attractive to know we can reach a new, younger audience," Hauser told Adweek. Hauser also revealed that prior to the deal, users were searching for People more than any other media brand, which likely played some influence in the two companies working out an agreement.

Fortune and Time coming in December

Flipboard's previous attempts at showcasing traditional magazines through its service have been met with mixed enthusiasm from publishers. After initially supporting the concept, The New Yorker and Wired stopped posting full articles to the platform in June of last year. But others haven't shied away; that same month, The New York Times joined Flipboard (with its paywall intact). Flipboard now encourages users to curate and personalize their own magazines, but for users who aren't keen on putting in that effort, Time's additions are sure to be welcome.