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Miami Heat's Chris Bosh pens 'Wired' editorial encouraging you to code, says he can too

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chris bosh (SHUTTERSTOCK)
chris bosh (SHUTTERSTOCK)

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh would seemingly be an outsider to the group of tech icons who have been pushing for coding education, but in an editorial published today in Wired, Bosh explains that he's been tinkering with code since he was a kid and that he too thinks others should start to learn. "Most jobs of the future will be awarded to the ones who know how to code," Bosh writes. "[Code has] become how our world is run. So I take comfort in having a basic understanding of how something as big as this works."

This isn't Bosh's first time speaking out for coding — in February, he appeared in a video for, a nonprofit for coding education — but today he's explaining why he sees coding as a necessary skill. Bosh writes that coding can improve the lives of millions of people, and that learning how to use it will be the only way for job seekers of this era to keep up. Though he doesn't say whether he'll continue to actively promote coding today, down the road — when he's done with basketball — Bosh says that he'd like to start teaching kids: "The younger the better," he writes. Even without direct action, an NBA player's words will be able to reach a huge new audience that Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg never could.