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Motorola releases Moto X camera app on Google Play to bypass slow carrier updates

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Moto X camera (1024px)
Moto X camera (1024px)

Back when the Moto X was first released, its camera performance was frankly rather disappointing. Since then, the company has done an impressive job resolving those early issues via over-the-air software updates. But with Verizon customers still awaiting the important fix, Motorola has seemingly decided it's through playing at the mercy of carriers — at least when it comes to the camera. The Moto X's camera app is now available via Google Play, ensuring that the company will be able to deliver speedy improvements and performance enhancements without delay (and regardless of your carrier affiliation). We suspect Motorola Camera can also be downloaded on the latest series of Droid devices from Verizon since the camera software is identical, though we haven't tested this directly. Regardless, if for some reason you haven't received the new and improved Moto X camera, it's now just a download away.

Update: Helpful commenters have pointed out that Motorola Camera currently isn't compatible with the Droid lineup.