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Samsung ousts Apple from top spot in JD Power tablet satisfaction rankings

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galaxy tab
galaxy tab

The great tech rivalry of recent times has a new milestone in its narrative today, courtesy of JD Power whose tablet owner satisfaction study has placed Samsung ahead of Apple for the first time. Apple has in the past cited these very rankings as indicative of the iPad's preeminence and superiority — having noted back in June that iOS devices were on a run of nine consecutive JD Power awards — so it's a blow to the company's public image to lose out in a comparison that it has shown itself to care about.

The margin between Samsung and Apple is razor thin, with the Korean maker of Android tablets gaining a score of 835 to Apple's 833. Tim Cook and company will find solace in the more detailed breakdown, where Apple's tablets earn the full five stars for performance, features, ease of use, physical design, and overall satisfaction, falling only at the final hurdle: cost. Samsung's victory looks to have been built on tablet buyers' sense of getting more value for their money.