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Google releases pricy new 'bumper' cases and QuickCover for Nexus 5

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Gallery Photo: Nexus 5 hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Nexus 5 hands-on photos

To go along with the just-introduced Nexus 5, Google and LG are offering up a few new cases for the flagship device. Rather than go with another bumper-style case like it did for the Nexus 4, Google is offering a full-protection case in black, red, grey, and yellow for $34.99. Confusingly, the company still calls it a bumper case, though it covers the back as well as the sides. Google says its made of a hard exterior and a soft rubber lining — we'll have to see how it works in practice, but there's no doubt its an expensive accessory.

Even more expensive is LG's $49.99 QuickCover case — it's similar to the new bumper case but includes a front cover, as well. It's similar in design to Apple's full-protection iPad cases, and opening the front cover will automatically turn on and unlock the Nexus 5. Sadly, color options are limited to only black and white for this case. Perhaps the best feature of these two new cases is the fact that you don't need to remove them to work with Google's new, magnetic, wireless charging pad. While you will certainly be able to find cheaper cases, these are your official options, and they're on sale now in the Google Play store.