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Homophobic author Orson Scott Card will reportedly make $0 off 'Ender's Game' tickets

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Ender's Game (SUMMIT)
Ender's Game (SUMMIT)

Homophobic author Orson Scott Card won't be making money off Ender's Game ticket sales, reports The Wrap, meaning planned boycotts of the movie may be misguided.

Gay and lesbian activist groups angered by the author's public remarks against same-sex marriage have been calling for a boycott of the upcoming film. But the author's payout was arranged ten years ago, sources told the entertainment blog, and includes no "escalators," or bonuses tied to box office sales.

Although he scaled back his rhetoric after the Supreme Court decision, Card was a vocal opponent of gay marriage, writing that its codification would mean that "the last shreds of meaning will be stripped away from marriage." The statements were condemned by the movie's distributor and star Harrison Ford.

Card was a vocal opponent of gay marriage

A board member for Geeks Out, one of the organizations calling for a boycott, says gay rights supports should still avoid the film even if it is "more of a symbolic rejection of Card and his rhetoric than a financial one."

But if protesters really want to hit Card in his wallet, they should call for a boycott of the book. The science fiction classic tops the New York Times bestseller list.