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Hans Zimmer enlists Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, Pharrell for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' soundtrack

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Hans Zimmer
Hans Zimmer

Prolific composer Hans Zimmer is no stranger to scoring music for superhero movies, having provided the soundtrack for Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy as well as this year's Man of Steel. Now, it's been announced that he's on board to compose the soundtrack for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and he's bringing a lot of friends to the project. Johnny Marr, guitarist for The Smiths and Modest Mouse (among many other acts) will again partner with Zimmer after the duo worked together on the soundtrack for Inception. Zimmer's also enlisted the help of Pharrell, fresh off of his work on Daft Punk's latest; Pharrell and Zimmer previously worked on the Despicable Me soundtrack. Rounding out the group is Incubus guitarist Mike Einzinger (who played on Zimmer's The Long Ranger score) and Dave Stewart (who played with Zimmer on Madagascar 3).

From the sound of things, Zimmer wants to play with his collaborators like a band. "[Director] Marc [Webb] and I were talking about Spider-Man, and as the word got out, so many of our friends and musicians started calling us up, wanting to be a part of it, because they love Spider-Man," Zimmer said in a press release. "With all of these hugely talented people wanting to join us, it was Marc who said, 'Why not start a band?'" We're a long ways off from hearing the fruits of this collaboration — The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't due out until May 2, 2014 — but we're guessing the tone of this superhero soundtrack will probably be quite different than Zimmer's Man of Steel and Dark Knight compositions.