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Federal court blocks ruling that would have ended stop-and-frisk

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A federal court has blocked an August ruling that named the NYPD's stop-and-frisk practices as unconstitutional, and removed the presiding judge from the case amid accusations of biased conduct. The case had sent shockwaves through local law enforcement, challenging the long-standing law enforcement tactic responsible for half-a-million stops each year and offering a path that would have phased out the practice entirely. The new motion will put those proposed reforms on hold, as the appeals court moves to make a more definitive ruling next year.

More troubling for stop-and-frisk oppents is the appeals court's harsh words for Judge Shira Sheindlin, who the court says violated the Code of Conduct for US judges by creating "an appearance of partiality" through actions in the courtroom and through a series of media appearances. The case will now proceed under a new judge, with oral arguments set to commence in March of 2014.