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Liberty Reserve co-founder pleads guilty in $6 billion money-laundering case

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us courthouse-federal
us courthouse-federal

In May, the anonymous online banking service Liberty Reserve was abruptly shut down as part of an international sting by the Justice Department. The site was charged with laundering more than $1 billion each year for identity thieves and drug traffickers from their headquarters in Costa Rica. Today, one of the co-founders, Vladimir Kats, has pled guilty to the charges, admitting his role in the criminal marketplace that spanned more than one million users worldwide.

While the other co-founders were arrested in Costa Rica, the Secret Service found Kats in Brooklyn, having left his role at Liberty Reserve in 2009. But despite his diminished role, the 41-year-old co-founder is still on the hook for conspiracy to commit money laundering, as well as numerous money transmittal charges. Together, the charges carry a maximum sentence of 90 years. A sentencing hearing has yet to be scheduled.