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Track the scariest movie locations of all time with The Geography of Horror

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The Exorcist
The Exorcist

When trying to figure out what movie to watch for Halloween, you can pick from your favorite franchise, director, or even type of scare — but what about using location? That's what location analytics company Esri makes possible with The Geography of Horror. It's an interactive map that takes the top 200 horror films, as listed by the IMDB, and maps out where they were set across the globe. Films are broken down by decade — it's pulling from a deep catalog — letting you spot trends in scary movies as they evolved over the years.

Now, the data's not ironclad — World War Z takes place in a lot more locations than just Philadelphia, and the Iraq-set prologue from The Exorcist doesn't warrant a mention — but it's still a great way to discover some films you might not have seen. So go ahead and watch one. Nothing bad's going to happen. It's just a scary movie.

We promise.