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'Gravity' composer explains how he created music for a soundless vacuum

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Gravity (WARNER BROS.)
Gravity (WARNER BROS.)

Whether you prefer Stanley Kubrick's judicious use of classical music in 2001: A Space Odyssey or Vangelis' disembodied electronica in Blade Runner, there's no denying the importance of a good soundtrack in elevating a sci-fi movie to cult status. The latest candidate for such a prized spot in film lore is Gravity, which is just hitting cinemas now amid widespread critical acclaim. The composer of its soundtrack is Steven Price, who most recently authored the nostalgic soundscapes of The World's End. Steven has sat down for a pair of spoiler-free interviews in the buildup to the movie's release, explaining some of the background for how he got the job and the close working relationship he had with director Alfonso Cuarón. Both men were keen to "do something different" with the Gravity score, blurring the line between organic sounds and electronic instrumentation. If the movie isn't out in your local multiplex yet, you can sample the product of their labor on Warner Bros' Gravity website, which lets you listen to the entire soundtrack.