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Choose your destiny in this 'Freaks and Geeks' YouTube game

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Freaks and Geeks only earned one season before it was canceled and its stars went on to over-represent in Hollywood comedy movies. Now you can play that first season thanks to two YouTube choose your own adventure games presented by The Fine Bros.

Only the first of these is available so far, using subsequent YouTube videos to tell the story of the show's "freaks" from the perspective of good girl turned rebel, Lindsay Weir. You guide Lindsay through a set of decisions that either lead to her exile from, or acceptance by, to the gang of lovable misfits. The second game will chart the course of the "geek" faction.

The game was a collaboration between YouTubers The Fine Bros and DoctorOctoroc

The game was created in collaboration between The Fine Bros, better known for their Kids React To... video series, and YouTuber DoctorOctoroc, who specializes in reducing cult media to SNES-style sprites. Both parties have done a fine job of pixellating the show's cast and of imbuing actors such as James Franco and Seth Rogen with knowing nods to their later successes.

It's easy to finish — choices presented to Lindsay at the end of each video are binary, and obvious — but it's a fitting love letter to a show culled before its time. The Fine Bros hope to have their second "geek"-based choose your own adventure game online soon.