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Watch this haunting teaser for 'Godzilla'

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Godzilla has returned, and it's more terrifying than ever. The first teaser footage for the upcoming Godzilla film has leaked online, and while you might be expecting a big-budget display of wanton destruction, the film appears to be far from it: its teaser uses a haunting voiceover ripped from Robert Oppenheimer, tense musical cues, and slow shots of buildings falling that bring out the true horror that such a monster would reap. The film is due out on May 16th of next year and will be the second feature directed by Gareth Edwards, whose first film, Monsters, was released in 2010 to largely positive reviews.

Warner Bros. has requested that we remove the clip, but with the film's release just seven months away we wouldn't be surprised if the first official trailer surfaced sooner rather than later.

Edwards' Godzilla will be coming to theaters in both 2D and 3D, though it's not yet clear if it's being natively shot in 3D or if it'll be post-converted. The film will mark the first Godzilla movie made at an American studio since 1998, and it appears to be a take on the franchise unlike much of what's come before it. While monster movies like Cloverfield and The Host have managed to learn from the Godzilla series and present compelling, emotional takes in the time since, it looks like Godzilla may finally have its day as a true horror — and far from the cheesy prop or overwrought action star that it's been in the past.

Update: According to ScreenCrush, this Godzilla footage originally aired at the 2012 Comic-Con and was re-aired this year alongside an extended trailer, but wasn't otherwise put on public display. A Godzilla exhibit at this year's Comic-Con also gave visitors a quick sneak peek, but representatives stressed at that time that what they were showing was not the final design of the creature. What will the creature look like when it finally hits theaters? We'll have to wait to find out for sure.

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