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Play this: 'Humanoid 47' is a twisted journey through a dark cybernetic future

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Humanoid 47
Humanoid 47

Not everyone can get a slick cybernetic makeover like Robocop. In Humanoid 47 you play one of the unfortunate souls, a cyborg test subject trying to escape from a mad scientist with a taste for human augmentation. It's a short and simple point-and-click adventure, with puzzles that force you to look closely at the environment. (You may also find yourself clicking around blindly when you're not sure what to do. Tip: hit tab to see what you can interact with.) It's a beautifully twisted world to explore, with bright and detailed visuals courtesy the same developer behind The Queen of Snakes. It won't take you long to play, but Humanoid 47 might make you think twice about getting that implant.