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iPhone 5C goes on sale at more retailers, drops to $45 on contract at Walmart

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iPhone 5C 1024px
iPhone 5C 1024px

Apple released the iPhone 5C just two weeks ago, but retailers continue to cut the price of the more affordable iPhone. Starting today, Walmart is dropping the 16GB iPhone 5C to $45 when purchased with a two-year contract. The promotion will last until the end of the holiday season, a spokesperson tells The Wall Street Journal. The news comes less than a day after Best Buy announced a promotion through October 7th that allows customers who purchase the phone for $99 to receive a $50 gift card good towards the purchase — effectively cutting the price of the phone in half. RadioShack has now matched that deal; the offer ends November 2nd. One other iPhone 5C deal of note is Sprint's offer to new customers. The carrier is offering the phone for free on contract if you switch.

The iPhone 5C is largely identical to the iPhone 5, which it replaced. It lacks the processing power boost and improved camera introduced in the iPhone 5S, and it doesn't have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. While these sales make the 5C more appealing to customers in the US looking for a cheaper iPhone, they do not address the primary complaint that the iPhone 5C, at $549, is too expensive off contract for it to effectively compete with cheap Android smartphones abroad.