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Moto X update with camera improvements arrives on AT&T

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moto x (560)
moto x (560)

AT&T has become the latest carrier to release that all-important Moto X update designed to improve upon the handset's inconsistent camera performance. After T-Mobile users began receiving the firmware upgrade last month, with Sprint following shortly thereafter, AT&T has announced that its customers will begin receiving the same fixes starting today. While the new software doesn't radically improve picture quality, AnandTech found that it results in more consistent exposures along with improved white balance and noise reduction. The software update also includes optimizations for Touchless Control and a streamlined setup process for those "OK Google Now" voice commands. Verizon Wireless now remains the sole US carrier that has yet to roll out the latest update — a delay it's established a reputation for with previous devices. AT&T meanwhile remains the only carrier where consumers are able to customize the Moto X's appearance.