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Samsung's best commercial is for its worst product

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galaxy gear (stock)
galaxy gear (stock)

Get ready for an epic blast of nostalgia from Samsung's latest commercial for the US market. Debuting during today's round of NFL games, the new Galaxy Gear promo runs through the most iconic wrist-worn communication devices that movie and TV producers have ever devised — spanning the full gamut from the Jetsons to Predator — and concludes with the imperious claim that "it's finally real."

As weird and off-the-wall as Samsung's recent commercials have been, this one sticks to an austere black background and lets the product speak for itself. Well, technically, it's all the fictional smartwatches that are doing the talking, but the result is still very good. Shame we can't say the same about the Gear itself.

And here's a second 61-second spot, this time with actual scenes from the films and TV series that inspired the Galaxy Gear "evolution."